Saturday, 7 July 2012

French Fancies,Bit of Bling and bags!!

Hi All! Sorry its been a while, I've been very busy yet again - been doing alot of nails (yey-extra pocket money for me!) but I've also been experimenting into another hobby - first up here's my latest nails I've been doing........
............There you have the nails - loving the frenchies!!
Now my next venture is inspired by a lady known as Claireabella - I'm loving her hand painted bags! They are sooo popular you just cant get one - as she hand paints them all herself- so being the crafty type as courtesy of my mothers gene pool - i decided to have a go myself here's my fist attempt (which i was quite chuffed with!)........

Cute huh!?
My mum loves it!
This afternoon I've had another go at a little one on a hessian bag as these are like the Claireabella bags - difficult as the bag was tiny but kept me amused this afternoon anyway!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE my hand painted bag ... AND my french manicure AND my customised shoes.
    I'll take a photo of my shoes so you can show everyone on here how neat they turned out xxx xxx xxx

  2. lovely work!!! Your nails look amazing. I need to learn from you!