Monday, 28 May 2012

More Nails and a new venture.................

Hi Everyone! Sorry its been a while, Ive been a busy lady!
I've had a few friends over for nails but not taken lots of photos - silly me! (Brain like a Goldfish at times!) I did my own this weekend  - my fave sparkly silver - catch lovely in the light  -

 and I fancied silver as they represent my new venture that I'd like to share, Customising shoes!
I got he inspiration from you tube - seeing a few videos for ideas - now I'm addicted - here's a few pics - my first attempt was to spice up some old pumps - boring to bling!!
So after doing these - I decided to move onto a pair of heels - again inspired by ideas on line - this is what I came up with.......
I AM IN LOVE! I have yet to finish the other heel on one of them (I ran out of gems) but I am so pleased with my first attempt!
I am addicted!! I will have more to come! ;)